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  • Dairy Export Opportunities Series: China

    By USDEC October 29, 2015

    The fifth installment of our eight-part video series looks at a market that has slumped this year, but will still, over time, reward patient exporters.

    Even as global dairy markets struggle to recover, opportunities exist. This series featuring U.S. Dairy Export Council international representatives identifies some of those opportunities for U.S. dairy exporters. 

    As explained in the latest USDEC Global Dairy Market Outlook (download pdf here), world dairy supplies expanded the last five years on the assumption that uninterrupted China growth was almost a sure thing. But China dairy imports have shifted into a significantly lower gear in 2015.

    In this installment, USDEC's Daniel Chan, based in Shanghai, offers insights into what it takes to succeed in China over the long haul. A transcript follows the video.

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    TRANSCRIPT: A big market, with different regulations

    What advice do you have for USDEC members thinking about the China market?

    We would like them to come and see for themselves. Let us show them how the market evolved and where the potentials are. Learning comes from seeing and seeing is believing. We would like you to come.

    Can you further elaborate on the opportunities there?


    When we look into the future, there is tremendous growth potential, but there are many challenges. The first one that we will be running into is China is a big market, but it is a market in itself with different rules, regulations and specifications. So we’ve got to learn and study those requirements.

    What advice do you have for member companies in adapting to the changing regulations?

    China has been going through many food safety issues. They are very serious about it and they are addressing these challenges head on and, therefore, they are making a lot of changes with regard to food safety first of all, and traceability secondly, to make sure that products imported and consumed by the Chinese consumers are safe. So that is where we want to make sure that we continuously develop and deliver good and wholesome and safe products.

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