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  • China Could Become Largest U.S. Buyer of Cheese

    By Ross Christieson October 13, 2014

    Soon-to-be-released report from USDEC details the escalation of Chinese cheese imports and consumption in recent years.

    CBS News is the latest media outlet to report on China's new craving—cheese. The report by CBS News correspondent Seth Doane points out that cheese imports to China have been growing by roughly 25 percent each year. This presents a growing opportunity for U.S. Dairy exporters.

    A new research report from the checkoff-funded U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) details the escalation of Chinese cheese imports and consumption in recent years—a streak that, with some help from knowledgeable, committed U.S. suppliers, could make the nation not only the largest U.S. cheese buyer but also the world’s largest cheese importer over the next decade.


    From 2008-2013, Chinese cheese imports grew an average of 28 percent per year by volume. The country went from being the world’s 16th largest cheese importer to the 8th largest.

    This year, China is on pace to move up to the No. 7 slot, with cheese imports up 51 percent through September. Volume is on track to exceed 150 million lbs.

    As I recently wrote in an article in Cheese Market News, we have often talked about the need for commitment to export markets, and here again it holds true. Chinese food manufacturers and distributors are gearing up for increased cheese usage and looking for partnerships that go beyond the traditional buyer-seller relationship.

    They are looking for consistent, ongoing support and innovation and suppliers who can meet their unique needs, such as smaller retail packaging.

    The CBS report ends with "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Anthony Mason commenting, "I have discovered life is not worth living without cheese." With continued education, marketing, partnerships, and consistent commentments there is no reason millions of Chinese could be saying  "I have discovered life is not worth living without U.S. cheese." 

    The U.S. Dairy Export Council is primarily supported by Dairy Management Inc. through the dairy farmer checkoff that builds on collaborative industry partnerships with processors, trading companies and others to build global demand for U.S. dairy products.   


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