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  • In-Market Experts Identify Ripest U.S. Dairy Export Opportunities

    By USDEC December 10, 2015

    USDEC's international representatives provide on-the-ground “eyes and ears” for the U.S. dairy industry. In eight concise videos, they identify the low hanging fruit.

    In order to enhance a growing focus on exports by the U.S. dairy industry, the U.S. Dairy Export Council provides “eyes and ears” in key global markets. Our international offices give our member companies invaluable “boots-on-the-ground” market intelligence, local trade interaction, promotional support, as well as market access and regulatory information.

    opportunities2-611139-editedDuring a strategic planning conference with our representatives earlier this year, I put them in front of a camera, clipped a microphone to their clothing and asked them to identify the ripest U.S. dairy export opportunities in their respective markets.

    Those interviews resulted in an eight-part video series, which recently concluded on this blog.

    As a convenience, we decided to stack all eight of those videos into this one blog post. You don’t have to click back and forth between pages. Instead, you can stay right here to hear what our in-market experts see as the major growth opportunities in their regions.

    Note: If you are watching on a mobile device, the full videos will display on your screen when you start them.


    USDEC International Representatives



    South America




    South Korea






    Southeast Asia


    Middle East and North Africa



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