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    By USDEC December 27, 2019

    Hot topics included the U.S. winning "best in the world" at the World Cheese Awards (upsetting the French) and the vital impact of the dairy industry on state economies. 

    It has been an eventful year for the U.S. Dairy Export Council, our member companies and our farmer-funders. That is reflected in the Top 7 most trafficked articles in the U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog, which I write for and edit.

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    We rank them below, 1-7, based on views (essentially eyeballs), as measured by HubSpot analytics, the platform for our blog.

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    1) Readers enjoyed this feel-good American Dream story of an Italian immigrant who became a first-rate artisan cheesemaker, exporting his Wisconsin-made product to 45 countries. 

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    In October, U.S. cheeses outshined France at the World Cheese Awards. What could compare? Imagine if France won the Olympic gold medal over the U.S. in basketball, a homegrown sport Americans think they own.

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    It's a feel-good story when a protagonist overcomes adversity to succeed. When 2018 year-end data was released in 2019, it became clear that our U.S. dairy industry cleared several hurdles to set an all-time record.

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    When a new year rolls around, people wonder if it will be better than the previous year. On Jan. 7,  we provided readers with insight into what 2019 could bring. 

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    signposts (2)

    Simply put, exports support the growth aspirations of the U.S. dairy sector. For an industry whose fortunes rose and fell almost exclusively on the mood of the domestic market in an earlier era, U.S. dairy exports have taken off in the last 15 years. A true success story!

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    During the past 30 days, this was by far the most viewed blog post, as readers became aware of the vital role dairy plays in state economies.

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    interactive map (2)

    Q&A formats provide an effective way to cover a lot of ground—especially when there are good, explanatory graphics. Readers are also interested in the type of questions farmers are asking about exports.

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    Mark O'Keefe is vice president of editorial services at the U.S. Dairy Export Council. 

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