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  • FAQ 10: Will U.S. dairy exports continue to rise?

    By USDEC June 28, 2021

    For National Dairy Month, the U.S. Dairy Export Council is answering the questions our farmer-funders frequently ask. This is FAQ No. 10 in a 10-part series. 

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    FAQ 10: Will U.S. dairy exports continue to rise?

    No one can predict the future. Markets go up. Markets go down. That is the nature of markets.  

    But any assessment of the opportunity for the U.S. in the global dairy market must begin with the basic fact that more than 95% of our potential customers live outside the United States.

    Exports are a world of opportunity for U.S. dairy farmers and the entire U.S. dairy industry.

    Over time, exports should continue to increase. 

    95 percent live outside

    Our long-term projections indicate Asia, Latin America and the Middle East/North Africa are key markets positioned for more dairy growth.   

    The dairy demand growth scenario in those places is textbook: Economic expansion, rising incomes, population gains, infrastructure upgrades, urbanization, retail and foodservice modernization and a shift to higher protein diets, including milk products. Domestic milk production and dairy processing capacity fall short of needs. 


    Competitive advantage: Through sustainable production, U.S. dairy farmers enrich the well-being of people, communities and the planet, as shown in this video.

    The United States has a long-range advantage. We can continue growing our milk supply as major competitors like New Zealand face potential cutbacks from alternative land uses on an already limited land base.  

    The potential for growth is even greater as U.S. processors, with help from USDEC, expand their portfolio of products, continue to adapt products to specific markets and build long-term relationships around the world. 

    Dairy exports can be volatile. But over the long haul, global dairy imports should continue to grow for all the reasons they’ve always grown, including:  

    • Increasing populations and incomes in emerging markets.
    • Difficulties in dairying in hot or humid climates.
    • Rising awareness of the health benefits of dairy.
    • Improved cold-chain infrastructure.
    • Ongoing innovation in the functionality and application of dairy ingredients.

    These countries cannot meet the dairy demands of their own domestic populations. We can help.


    Looking ahead, the world needs U.S. Dairy and U.S. Dairy need the world. That's a healthy economic dynamic for increasing our exports. 

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