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  • How This Dairy Exporter Blog can Help you do Your Job

    By USDEC August 11, 2015

    Stay ahead of your competition with global dairy market data, trends, research and insights.

    smartphone_blog-squareSix months ago we launched the U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog with a mission to provide you market analysis, research and news -- wherever you may be, on whatever device.

    I'm the blog's editor and am happy to report we're gaining traction.

    The blog targets a relatively small niche audience: U.S. Dairy Export Council members and others in the U.S. dairy industry following exports. But we are already getting thousands of views per month. In July, a time when Web traffic often dips, we set a new record. Most important from my perspective, we have more than 500 subscribers who have invited us to have an ongoing relationship with them.

    Subscribers get blog updates sent directly to their inboxes -- instantly, daily or weekly. The choice is yours, and you can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked. So if you haven't done so yet, take a few seconds to subscribe here.

    Why, in an era of email overload and online distractions, would you do that?

    I can't guarantee you a big raise, but here are five examples of how this blog can help you do your job:

    1. Tap into the summarized knowledge of USDEC staff experts.

    At least twice a week, we publish concise articles like these from USDEC President Tom Suber, global dairy markets analyst Al Levitt and other USDEC subject-matter experts:

    This 44-second video explains how you can learn more about our blog writers and find all of their articles in one place.

    2. Get global dairy market data, analysis and research. When USDEC has new market data, analysis and research, we summarize and publish it here. Consider these headlines:


    3. Stay on top of global dairy news and trends. These articles transcend market data, encompassing a wide range of topics from consumer preferences to progress on international trade agreements.

    4. Research key U.S. dairy export topics. Need information on the hot debate over geographical indications for a presentation? What are the dairy opportunities in Southeast Asia?

    It's easy to miss, and you may have to scroll down a little, but a good place to start is in the right-hand column of this blog. There you will see a list of our blog posts by topics.

    This video shows how you can find and dig into our topics.

    5. Easily share what you like from our blog via email, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your friends and colleagues will thank you―and view you as a valuable resource in your own right. Check out this video to see how easy it is to amplify what you learn here.

    In half a year, The U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog has grown in size and influence. But we plan to make this blog even better, increasing our use of informational videos and graphics, to cite just two examples.

    Shoot me an email at to tell me what you think of the blog on its six-month anniversary and let me know what you think we can do to help you do your job even better.

    The U.S. Dairy Export Council is primarily supported by Dairy Management Inc. through the dairy farmer checkoff that builds on collaborative industry partnerships with processors, trading companies and others to build global demand for U.S. dairy products.   

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