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  • Vilsack Bullish on U.S. Dairy Exports (podcast)

    By USDEC December 7, 2018

    Speaking on Midwest Dairy's "Dairy on the Air" podcast, USDEC President and CEO Tom Vilsack examines global dairy trends and how the U.S. dairy industry can capitalize on them. 

    As the dairy industry ends what will likely be a record year for exports, Midwest Dairy CEO Lucas Lentsch interviewed U.S. Dairy Export Council President and CEO Tom Vilsack about challenges and opportunities he sees ahead. 

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    The lively, 32-minute interview is broadcast by "Dairy on the Air," a podcast produced by Midwest Dairy, an organization funded by dairy farmers in 10 Midwest states to inspire consumer confidence in dairy products and production practices.  

    Listen to this episode and you to hear Vilsack, a former U.S. Agriculture Secretary and Iowa governor, explain:

    • Why U.S. dairy farmers are the best in the world
    • Market-by-market dairy trends and reasons to be bullish on the continued growth of exports
    • The challenge of alternative beverages and aggressive global competitors
    • Why a global trend toward "easy-to-grab-and-go meals" creates an opportunity for U.S. Dairy 
    • The increasing global importance of sustainability issues and the competitive advantages the U.S. dairy industry has 

    "Dairy on the Air" regularly features conversations about issues and trends in the dairy community. The podcast is also available on mobile streaming platforms, such as iTunes and Stitcher. 

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    Mark O'Keefe is vice president of editorial services at the U.S. Dairy Export Council.

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