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  • Three New Digital Resources for U.S. Dairy Exporters

    If knowledge is power, a new Global Cheese Database, Dairy Data Dashboard and information-rich series of articles should increase U.S. Dairy's global competitiveness.

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    In March, we told you about 15 USDEC Hot Spots for U.S. Dairy Exporting Info. As this year comes to an end, we thought it would be a good time to highlight three new features on that empower U.S. dairy exporters with data-rich information.   

    An (M) designates members-only content, which means you must have a USDEC login to access the information. 

    Three New Information Sources 

    • Global Cheese Database (M). An interactive database providing five years of production, import, export and consumption volume for 22 cheese varieties, from 45 countries. It also includes a rolling, five-year forecast in each category. The data is available in chart and table format for easy analysis and download.
    • Global Dairy eBrief Exclusives (M). Confidential, password-protected articles for USDEC members only. Limiting this content to members enables us to take a deeper dive into potentially sensitive topics such as market research findings, trade policy developments, global marketing opportunities and issues management.

    Bookmark these locations, too

    We believe these tools will enhance as the go-to place for U.S. dairy exporting information. They complement established USDEC "hot spots" worth bookmarking if you haven't done so already: 

    Home page. This is our store window. It's a good place to start.

    USDEC Export Guide (M).This members-only tool is the only comprehensive trade reference for U.S. dairy exporters. It has practical information on market access for 90 countries, constantly updated by USDEC staff and international offices. You must log in with a username and password to get access.  

    Market data. Interactive charts, updated regularly on, providing historical trend lines on:

    Top charts.Our most asked-for graphs, tables and infographics telling the U.S. dairy export story, updated regularly.

    Global Dairy Market Outlook. A monthly compilation in pdf format of the state of global dairy trade, loaded with data and expert analysis.

    Global Dairy eBrief (M). A weekly, members-only newsletter containing information on global dairy developments that impact U.S. dairy exports and U.S. supplier strategy.

    The U.S. Dairy Exporter Blog. Market data, analysis, research and news, delivered at least twice a week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Key links include. Subscribe to get updates immediately delivered to your inbox.

    Research reports. This is where you can request in-depth research, chock full of numbers, providing actionable insights for dairy business decisions.

    News Releases. Find our official statements on trade policy and other topics.

    ThinkUSAdairy. Our site for global customers. Popular features include:

    Price Finder App. Get pricing for cheddar cheese, butter, lactose, milk powder and whey on your iPhone or Android mobile device. A recent update provides new conversion parameters that expand the functionality of data and charts. 

    Testopedia (M). Our members-only, test methods database is an organized collection of dairy product test methods used by importing countries. You can double-check quality-control procedures and evaluate compliance, ultimately reducing your risks. 

    International Trade Representatives (M). USDEC’s 10 international offices are our eyes and ears in foreign markets, identifying opportunities, charting the business climate and monitoring regulatory activity.On this members-only page, get contact information for each office. We recently added video messages from most of our reps, explaining how they can help members.

    USDEC member directory. Need to know who our 120-plus members are? The complete list is here, with links to company websites.

    TwitterLinkedIn and YouTube. If you like getting informed through social media, you can find USDEC on these platforms.

    123RF ingerconnected data points on globe.jpgThat's a lot of information. Our hope is that it enhances the volume and value of U.S. dairy exports in an increasingly competitive global market.

    If you have any comments about our current content, or suggestions for new informational tools, contact us at or


    Margaret Speich is senior vice president of strategic and industry communications at the U.S. Dairy Export Council. Mark O'Keefe is vice president of editorial services at USDEC.

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