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  • VIDEO: "Got Jobs?" Dairy Campaign to Launch

    By Mark O'Keefe May 20, 2018

    USDEC, NMPF and IDFA are launching a collaborative “Got Jobs?” campaign showcasing dairy’s state-by-state economic footprint.

    On Monday, the U.S. Dairy Export Council, National Milk Producers Federation and International Dairy Foods Association will officially launch their collaborative “Got Jobs?” campaign showcasing dairy’s state-by-state economic footprint.



    The main message: "Dairy creates jobs, exports create more."

    A new online portal with an easy-to-remember address -- -- will serve as a clearinghouse of information to educate and inform the media and general public about dairy’s positive economic impact. 

    Among other things, you can:

    • Find fact sheets showing jobs created by dairy in your state
    • Get the latest data on the economic impact of exports in your state
    • Download videos, images and more for your social media efforts
    • Read compelling stories about real people working dairy-related jobs

    The joint project aims to tell dairy’s positive economic impact story for a year through journalistic-style articles, social media marketing and amplification from the dairy industry.

    Campaign goals include:

    • Inject information on dairy’s economic footprint into the national discussion on jobs 
    • Create ongoing, shareable content that conveys "dairy delivers jobs, exports deliver more jobs"
    • Collaborate across national, regional and state dairy organizations to tell our positive economic impact story with “one voice”

    A Monday afternoon news conference featuring the presidents and CEOs of USDEC, NMPF and IDFA officially kicks off the campaign.

    Questions, ideas or feedback? Contact Mark O’Keefe at

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