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  • Chinese government's emphasis on dairy nutrition boosts U.S. exports

    By USDEC Staff December 6, 2021

    USDEC Director of Global Trade Analysis William Loux offered his market analysis to hundreds of dairy farmers attending the MILK business conference. 

    Editor’s note: The information below was excerpted, with permission, from an article and video in Dairy Herd Management.

    U.S. dairy exports to China were up 32% during the first half of this year on a milk equivalent basis, which is one reason total U.S. dairy exports are on pace for another record year.

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    Speaking last week to dairy farmers at the MILK Business Conference in Las Vegas, William Loux, the U.S. Dairy Export Council’s Director of Global Trade, offered his analysis of what's driving dairy demand in China during the pandemic.

    “A lot of that has to do with the Chinese government telling consumers, 'Hey, dairy is really nutritious, it's a great thing for your immunity, go out buy dairy products,’” said Loux. “And so frankly, Chinese consumers did that, and as a result, we've seen a huge spike in imports of everything from milk powders to cheese.”


    USDEC's William Loux at Farm Journal's MILK Business Conference

    Loux said the real challenge going forward will be to ensure that the U.S. wins its fair share in that growing market.

    See the full article and video in Dairy Herd Management.

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