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  • How China's Lifting of One-Child Policy Could Boost Infant Formula Demand

    By Mark O'Keefe February 3, 2014


    It could increase infant formula consumption by as much as 10 percent.  

    A Shanghai-based representative for the U.S. Dairy Export Council says the lifting of China's one-child policy could increase infant formula consumption in China as much as 10 percent in the coming years, providing new opportunities for U.S. dairy exporters.

    Daniel Chan said the one-child policy has been relaxed in rural areas for years but the official decree that the ban has been lifted should slowly but steadlily increase consumption of infant formula in urban areas.


    Daniel Chan sees the policy leading to significant growth for infant formula.



    The U.S. Dairy Export Council is primarily supported by Dairy Management Inc. through the dairy farmer checkoff that builds on collaborative industry partnerships with processors, trading companies and others to build global demand for U.S. dairy products.   


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