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EUexecutivebriefFor more than 30 years, European countries have imposed quotas on milk production. But those quotas ended March 31. What happens in the coming years and how can you stay ahead of the competiton?

A USDEC Executive Brief, "5 Data-Based Forecasts about the end of EU Milk Quotas," forecasts the likeliest scenarios through 2020.

The forecasts are distilled from 334 pages of USDEC research, boiled down to the five essential points you need to know as you prepare for new dynamics in the global dairy marketplace.

 You will learn:

-- How many more metric tons of milk the EU will likely produce over the next five years
--Which dairy commodities will be most affected, and in what volumes
--Which six EU countries are likely to become bigger exporters, and the likely tactic other EU countries will use to compete

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